Still-born two headed baby delivered at New Amsterdam Hospital


A still-born girl with two heads was delivered at the New Amsterdam Hospital on Saturday, creating history in the Ancient County.

The baby, which completed its full nine months term and the first-born for the teenage mother, was delivered via caesarian section by a team of doctors at the hospital.

According to Senior Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Dr. Kester Persaud, the infant, when delivered, was seen with the two heads not fully formed, an undeveloped brain, skull and scalp, along with an incomplete closing of the backbone.

Dr. Persaud said the doctors at the hospital treated the case with the utmost professionalism, the Department of Public Information reported. However, he explained that if an ultrasound was done during the mother’s pregnancy such a tragic situation could have been prevented.

Medical Superintendent of the New Amsterdam Hospital Dr. Visheshri Khirodher, noted that such malformation can be caused by environmental, chemical, or genetical issues.

The doctor stated that counseling will be provided by experts attached to the New Amsterdam Hospital to the young couple due to the traumatising effects of the birth.

The doctors explained that the mother will not be allowed to become pregnant until after a two-year period. She will be closely monitored by medical professionals to prevent the reoccurrence of a similar incident in the future.




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