Stabroek Market vendors decry lack of alternatives as wharf being repaired


Even though a letter was issued by the Town Clerk, Royston King ordering some 80 vendors plying in the Stabroek Market Wharf to vacate the premises where rehabilitative works are expected to commence on Thursday, the said vendors are now decrying the failure on the part of City Hall to provide alternative means for them to vend.

It was previously reported that a section of the route 42 minibus park was barricaded and according to King, this was being prepared to facilitate the vendors during the rehabilitation.

However, since the barricades were put up and sand was thrown into the said area which has no covers, no other works were carried out.

As such, after being issued the letter which gave the vendors a 14 days notice to vacate, the vendors were unsure as to where they were expected to go.

The letter issued on August 23, 2018 said “The City Engineer deemed the Stabroek Market Wharf (section 6) to be inhabitable and unsuitable to continue to accommodate vending activities and pursuant to the May and City Councillors of Georgetown under section 302 (37) or the Municipal and District Councils Act  , Chapter 28:01 to “establish , open , erect and maintain Stellings…and to control and regulate the use thereof” and in order that the necessary repairs maybe effective thereto you hereby given notice to vacate the Stabroek Market Wharf   within fourteen (14) days of the date of issuance of this notice”.

The letter further warned the vendors that failure to adhere to the instructions outlined will result in lawful measures being taken against them.

However, the vendors were unable to move to another location as there is none and were barred from entering the Wharf on Wednesday.

When INews visited the area on Thursday morning, some of the vendors were almost in tears as they complained of City Hall’s “repeated ill-thought-out behaviour”.

According to the vendors, since there is no possible way for them to ply in the rain in the new area selected for them, their goods are being left to spoil and thousands of dollars are going to waste.

They are urging City Hall to provide shelters for them in order for them to willingly move to the new area without any further issues.


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