Soup Saga: “My focus is not on positions and titles” – Urling

Clinton Urling

By Jomo Paul

Former Head of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling
Former Head of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling

[] – While many persons have come out in blunt criticism of Blue Caps Founder Clinton Urling saying that by joining the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), he is in a grab for power; Urling says that this is not the case.

Urling was present at City Hall on Tuesday April 07, while the hierarchy of the PPP prepared to present its List of Candidates to the Chief Elections Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Keith Lowenfield.

The Former Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) President had signalled his intention to enter the political sphere after his resignation from his post as Blue Caps Chairman some weeks ago.

However, the move to join the PPP is especially surprising given the fact that Urling has been especially critical of the PPP/C administration.’

As Blue Caps Chairman, he would have spearheaded several calls for the Administration to name a date for Local Government Elections (LGE) which was last held over two decades ago. 

The Blue Caps Founder when asked about his possible role and position within the PPP should it form the next government said “that’s not my intention. My mind hasn’t even gone there yet. That’s not important to me. My focus is putting in the work that is required to build Guyana. My focus is not on positions and titles.”

Urling maintains that he is committed to the overall development of Guyana and is adamant that the PPP’s developmental agenda is the right program for Guyana to progress.

“I offer the party my energy and my commitment to Guyana. I have been involved in service oriented organisations over the past three-four years and I intend to continue as a member of the PPP,” he noted.




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  3. That guy is mad as hell is hot, this party have’nt held local govt elections since 1994 and never appoint members for the procurement commission, clearly in violation of the constitution, because they can fill themselves and their friends pockets. With all the promises they have made since assuming office, how much have they kept? When it comes to squandering the taxpayers monies, they’re the champions. The Marriott is built with taxpayers monies, and look who was working there? Chinese. No Guyanese. The B/ce bridge, the high cost to cross, and taxpayers monies again. NIS would not get a cent until all the other investors have recoup their investment, and by that time the life of the bridge will be nearing to have major repairs. The skeldon sugar factory was deliberately given to the Chinese, because of a corrupt transaction. The Firm in India, who has built sugar mills all over the world was overlooked, even though they had came in with their tender price $30M US lower. The Amaila falls is next, Fip Motilal never build a dog pen in his life and was given a contract to build a road of all places in the bush. Of course he ran with the money. Surrendra Engineering also ran, they who never build a speciality hospital in the worldl as against Fedders LLoyd, who has build speciality hospitals all over the world, and whose tender price was lower, was refused, of course Surrendra Engineering ran away with the cash. In all these cases cited above, it is impossible not to have been done deliberately to foster corruption.nAll of those person who says to bring the evidence, their eyes pass this nation. Not to mention , the fraud at NCN, Rumtar says to bring the evidence, and what he did with it? The day of reckoning is soom coming. There would be no immunity from fraud and corruption. I rest my case, and is confident that justice will be served, especially for those 400 odd black Guyanes that was murdered. Least we forget.

  4. Well said Mr. Urling! You are Young, intelligent, and energetic so go ahead and use all that you have for the Building and development of this beautiful Guyana. Mr. Urling, as a youth you are the most fitted person to under study Dr. Frank Anthony. God be with you son.


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