Opposition Coalition unfazed by Jagdeo’s return


By Tracey Khan-Drakes 

Jagdeo[www.inewsguyana.com] The Opposition Coalition says it is not concerned about the re-entry of former President Bharrat Jagdeo to the political arena.

Jagdeo has repeatedly stated that he is no longer interested in a constitutional post; however he has obviously had a change of heart.

Jagdeo’s return comes on the heels of the much anticipated ruling by the (ag) Chief Justice Ian Chang on a court case that seeks to delimit the amount of times a person can serve as President. The ruling is expected on May 4, seven days before General and Regional Elections.

The Former President has strongly distanced himself from the court case matter.

However, General Secretary of A Partnership for National Unity, (APNU) Joseph Harmon believes otherwise.

“We always felt that those were calculated to allow for Jagdeo’s re-entry, he tried to distance himself from it to say he didn’t know about it and that people do it.” Harmon 2

Harmon noted that the Coalition is unfettered by this move by the PPP to include Jagdeo on its slate, noting that Jagdeo is “damaged goods and there is nothing that can redeem him in the eyes of the Guyanese people…his entry could only damage the PPP right now because he has a very bad record of governance in this country.”

Harmon views the move by Dr. Jagdeo as one which is, “seeking to exercise the power of the office of the President from the background…it’s only a few more days that they have in office and after the 12th of May that is not going to be an issues for us, Mr. Jagdeo and Ramotar they will all have to fight to see who will be the leader of the Opposition.”

Jagedo’s comeback to local politics was announced on Tuesday April 07, after the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) presented its list of candidates for the upcoming May 11general and regional elections to the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfeild at City Hall.

Jagdeo had on previous occasions indicated a lack of interest in returning on the Party’s list after demitting office in 2011, stating that he is not interested in a constitutional post.

‎He has however had a change of heart owing to the demands of Party supporters.

Explaining his decision to return on the PPP/C list Jagdeo said “it was not my original decision to be on list of candidates but Party and membership convinced me to be part of the list of candidates as it would send the signal that I’m fully engaged in the struggle, which I am”.



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  8. Dr. Jagdeo was keeping to himself all along and was trying to be private, But Joseph Harmon wants to think through his Army boots by repeatedly bringing up President Jagdeo name. So the Champion decided to answer them by coming on the trail.
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