“Smart” busted attempting to smuggle cigarettes, vodka into Court lock ups


A man who recently had a robbery under arms charge dismissed is now in hot water again after he was earlier today (Monday) caught by Police Officers at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts attempting to smuggle cigarettes and Vodka into the Court’s lock ups.

Leon Smart who was visiting a relative there was caught with the items – two packs of cigarettes and vodka hidden in a sprite bottle, in a black plastic bag.

He was quickly handcuffed and escorted to the Brickdam Police Station and is expected to be charged shortly.

In November last, Smart was implicated in an armed robbery along with Kelvin Emper and Nzumi Scipio.

However, Emper confessed to the crime and told City Magistrate Judy Latchman whom he had appeared before that the other two accused had nothing to do with the crime.

As such Smart had that matter dismissed against him while Emper was sentenced to 50 months in prison.


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