Sithe Global, Blackstone Group decision not linked to Amaila Legislation – APNU


A Partnership for National Unity [APNU] has noted that the Hydro Electric Amendment Bill and raising the debt ceiling motion are not linked to the involvement of the investors in the Amaila Falls Hydro Project.

These were the two legislative instruments which the parliamentary opposition voted down in the National Assembly recently. Government has linked the two critical pieces to the success of the Amaila Falls Project.

At a press conference today, Friday August 2, APNU’s Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon told reporters that none of the two legislations are directly related to the decisions Sithe Global and Blackstone Group had to make concerning their involvement with the Amaila Falls Hydro Project.

“The PPP/C is now in a fit to explain the decision it made to take over this project, knowing fully well it would suck the life blood of this country. The details that are now emerging have made bare the lies being peddled by the PPP/C government that consumes will see a reduction in their light bills of between 20 to 40 percent. This is simply not true,” Harmon said.

According to Harmon, the President of Sithe Global Brian Kubeck and Senior Manager of Blackstone Group Sean Klimzack met with the parliamentary opposition on Wednesday to convince them to support the project.

APNU accused the government of spewing lies to the people of Guyana.



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