Senior Policeman charged with sexual assault; granted bail

Assistant Superintendent, Deneshwar Mahendranauth
Assistant Superintendent, Deneshwar Mahendranauth
Assistant Superintendent, Deneshwar Mahendranauth

[] – Assistant Superintendent, Deneshwar Mahendranauth has been charged with the offense of sexual assault, which he allegedly committed against a junior female police officer.

The accused appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on November 16 before Magistrate Judy Latchman, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Magistrate Latchman granted him bail in the sum of $100,000. iNews understands that Mahendranauth summoned a junior officer to his quarters and made sexual advances towards her at Lethem some two months ago.

According to reports, the young Policewoman resisted and later reported the matter to a family member who is also an Assistant Superintendent in the Guyana Police Force.

He is scheduled to re-appear in court on December 10.



  1. They should throw him in jail with some big time criminals for life in prison for the abuse of power so he can get his batty and mouth reamed by prisoners

  2. It’s time people wake up and see reality no wander you are called mad max by now you should know that a lot of people in position try to abuse their privilege and take advantage on their junior. This young woman did the right thing by reporting him. How would you feel if it was your mother, sister, wife, daughter or niece. You stupid man it’s time to wise up it it was a black man who had done that you would have said its the government. The crime rate on th increase alyu blaming the government, when they try to clam down on crime you blaming the government. When will you people wise up you make it look like the PPP PARTY HAVE A PACK OF ILLITERATE FOOLS COME ON STOP BEING SILLY AND USE PROPER JUDGEMENT. PLEASE.

  3. Well as we all know Guyanese r in the habit of going along with hear say…if the news was published when the ASP captured the drug traffickers n seizing of illegal drugs then we would all hear his praises….but now he has been accused n everyone feels by hear say he is guilty…since there is no evidence the officer should not have been charged ….the laws of Guyana seems corrupt n I must say in such situations where there is no evidence its her words n his words against each other …just how he is being accused of such an act she also is being accused of being paid $100000 to set up the officer….the truth will b out in due time…who r we to judge???

  4. These same words that you just learn JUSTICE and deserve a TRIAL were absent in your dead brain with many cases,you people talk to suit the nation and not the crime, Roger Khan who took orders from ??? Did you say anything like justice,,,,do Guyanese who don’t know things about you people a favor SHU!!!!!

    How do you know he is Guilty?
    were you there?..There is a JUSTICE system in Guyana.
    The man deserves a TRIAL before you pass judgement.
    Madmaxx is used the years under the Burhnam PNC TERROR Regime, where RAPE was used by the PNC as a political weapon and
    the (House Of Israel) PNC TERROR Wing MURDRED a Catholic Priest.

  6. May be this officer is not guilty but how do he feels in terms of disrespecting his wife and family sex defiles us when we commit adultry this police can be set up too

  7. As you say set up you are saying the young lady is lying,was the many ladies lying on COP Green, and was Mari set up,I wish it was your family making the allegations,but you are a COWARD nothing would have change,stay hidden behind your mouse and expose your RACIST self, Shame on you cockroach

  8. This is a fine example of the few that joined the armed forces to protect and serve, this cockroach should be jailed ASAP,send a message to all those who think they still have a lawless band of People Protecting Perpetrators in office, he along with many more at the very top should be kicked out, The stains of lawlessness is like a tattoo on many evil people in office today. It’s going to take a very long time to bring back the dignity to Guyanese,Sad to say this confused lot in government now is not going to help much, GOD Help GUYANA.

  9. Senior Policeman charged with sexual assault; granted bail
    Bet your life onit one way or another the newly installed PNC regime will find a way to remove all the Mahendranauths from position like his. Its only a matter of time for Nagamoottoo – Rumjhaatan and Poopnarine to be set up by PNC.


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