Search extends into Kaieteur Gorge for missing tourist

Dead: Gyaneshwarie Laleta Sivinand
Missing: Gyaneshwarie Laleta Sivinand
Missing: Gyaneshwarie Laleta Sivinand

[] – The team from the Special Forces of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) descended into the Kaieteur Gorge to continue the search to locate Gyaneshwarie Laleta Sivinanda, who was reported missing at Kaieteur National Park on September 01, 2015.

According to the Ministry of the Presidency, the search is very dangerous as they have to carefully navigate their way through the extremely rugged and rocky area and the Kaieteur Falls at full flow.

As of 16:00 hrs on Friday, there was no further word on their efforts. iNews understands that the search team has been further enhanced with the arrival of a Special Forces team from the Guyana Defence Force.

The woman was part of a group of persons on a tour, organised by a local tour operator – Air Services Limited. Reports indicate that Sivinand was seen crying while on the phone on the plane; however when the aircraft landed at the Falls, she appeared perky.

It has been reported that the flight had a total of nine passengers and sometime during the tour, she was discovered to be missing.

Contrary to what the woman had told people on the trip, she is neither a doctor nor an environmentalist. As a matter of fact, she is a former employee of Laparkan and Singer’s.

As a result of her being missing, all tours to the Kaieteur Falls have been suspended.



  1. Come on guys… how can a tour guide not have seen what happened. Why is the news only taking the angle of the woman was seen crying and not looking into the reason nobody can account for her during the ground trip.
    Where is the impartial journalism we hear so much about…
    Even if it is a suicide, a tour guide should have seen her jump or fall.
    Prosecute those accountable for her…


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