Search continues for kidnapped Baby; Parents say they won’t give up



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The baby's parents: Ravikant Bistonauth and Sandra McLean. [iNews' Photo]
The baby’s parents: Ravikant Bistonauth and Sandra McLean. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The emotional roller coaster continues for the parents of the baby boy who was kidnapped at just nine-days old by a woman who goes by the name of Bibi Khan and is said to be based in Nikerie, Suriname.

The parents of “Baby Avi” told iNews that there is no giving up in their quest to find their baby boy.

The Parents were today (Friday, May 30) taken to the New Amsterdam Police station to identify another woman who is in police custody and who bears stark resemblance to the perpetrator.

However, they were heartbroken for the third time when the woman in custody is not that of the kidnapper.

The mother, 22 – year – old Sandra McLean continues to plead with the kidnapper to return her son unharmed. McLean – a mother of two – told iNews that she has no interest in filing charges against the woman once her son is returned safely.

While many are supportive of the police efforts and activeness in finding the child, they are questioning the Force’s strategy and noted that the force needs to operate in a more discreet manner when making arrests.

Wanted" Bibi Khan, the woman who allegedly kidnapped the baby.
Wanted” Bibi Khan, the woman who allegedly kidnapped the baby.

The mother of “baby Avi” expressed her gratitude to everyone for their outpouring love and support in this difficult time and urged them to stay the course with the family in their search for her youngest son.

Police had arrested Bibi Khan, a former sales representative of Multi Technology Vision (Channel 14/65) in connection with the kidnapping and the parents were brought to Georgetown to confirm whether she was the kidnapper, a quest in which they failed. She has since been released from custody.


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