Schoolgirl attacked and robbed of cellphone in Tucville Secondary School compound

A fourth form student of Tucville Secondary in Georgetown was on Tuesday afternoon robbed while on school property and her mother is blaming poor security at the education facility for the robbery.
According to reports, the young woman was in the school’s compound when a man approached her and demanded she give him all of her money. She resisted which angered the man, who started to tug at her pocket, successfully gaining possession of her phone.
Hole in the school fence
Hole in the school fence

The young woman then put up a fight and this caught the attention of other students who came to her assistance. The perpetrator after seeing this, fled through the back fence of the school with students hot in pursuit.

After realising what was transpiring, the man pulled out a knife and yelled “I gon stab anybody that follow meh” which caused the students to retreat. He then made good his escape.
Chanise Brotherson, mother of the teen  said that she was informed of the robbery by the school’s administration moments after her daughter made the report.
She disclosed that she was given all assurances that the matter was being dealt with by the Police but up to Tuesday evening, the Police were yet to visit the school.
The woman is calling on the Education Ministry to intervene in the matter, blaming the lack of proper security at the school for the attack on her daughter. 
“What I am asking is for the Ministry to step up to deal with this situation because it is not safe for the children. They need to repair the fences around this school because all around the school, the fences are in a poor condition. When the delinquents come to the school, even the guards cannot control them. How can we let our children be in an environment that is not safe”.
She further related that she was told by the school’s administration that the Ministry was made aware of the deteriorating condition of the fences but nothing has been done to date.
“I was told that the Ministry has been working on an estimate to facilitate the rehabilitation of the fence but no works have started and that was a long time ago”.
This is not the first incident of this nature at the school. Only recently, a student was stabbed at the entrance of the school while a number of students have fallen victims of armed robberies.
The angered mother said her daughter could have lost her life; hence she is calling for quick and immediate action to be taken.
“My daughter could have lost her life and then we would’ve seen the whole media coming down here. I am asking before something worse happen in this school that the Ministry take their stand and do something as early as possible,” the angry mother said.


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