Rural Constable charged with teen’s murder remanded

Accused: Tony George

A Rural Constable (RC) attached to the Soesdyke Community Policing Group (CPG) on Monday found himself before the court of law, facing a charge of murder.

Tony George, 28, stood before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and was not required to plea to the capital offence of murder.

The charge alleged that George murdered fifteen-year-old Ricardo Singh of Diamond, East Bank Demerara on July 9, 2018, in the vicinity of the Soesdyke Public Road.

According to police prosecutor Simone Payne, on the day in question the victim was at a wedding house at Soesdyke with several friends when an altercation ensued.

Singh was subsequently arrested by George, and was later placed in the tray of the police vehicle to be escorted to the police station.

Further, it was while the accused and another male RC were on their way to the police station, the Constable allegedly stopped the police van and exited with the teen and reportedly told the driver to leave.

Upon returning with several other officers it was further alleged that the police driver found the teen with a stab wound to the abdomen and George stood looking on in the presence of residents.

However, defence attorney for George, Dexter Todd said that one of his client’s statement that was filed by police, supports his story, which means that he acted lawfully as an Enforcement Officer

Nevertheless, he was remanded to prison until October, 23.


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