Rupununi residents calling on Authorities following Bridge collapse

The collapsed bridge

The Yamatiwau Bridge in the Rupununi collapsed due to overloading on Friday evening by a heavy duty truck, hauling an excavator.

The collapsed bridge resulted in people from within the Southern Rupununi location being cut off from access to Lethem.

This is according to a source who disclosed that the incident occurred at about 17:30hrs.

Based on reports received, the truck was transporting an excavator which belongs to a Brazilian miner, across the bridge.

“…they thought it not wise to unload the excavator off the truck. Now we in the South Rupununi are cut off (with) the rainy season making it already difficult, now this. No traffic is passable presently. Not sure for how long,” the affected person told INews.

As such, calls are being made for the Brazilian miners to rebuild the bridge.

Moreover, the affected persons are requesting that the relevant authorities look into the matter and empower the indigenous people in the area to monitor the use of the roads by miners.

“(We are) Calling on the relevant authorities to take immediate action so we can use our road. Are these bridges built to take this amount of weight? Empower the indigenous people to monitor the use of roads.” (Ramona Luthi)


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