Man charged, granted $250,000 bail for allegedly killing suspected bird thief


The man who fought for his life killing an alleged bandit who attempted to steal his bird was, earlier today (Monday), charged when he appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan.

The man’s body along with the motorcycle following the stabbing

Fifty six year old Peter Jansen of Lot 134 Block X North Sophia, Greater Georgetown denied the charge of unlawful killing brought against him.

He was not allowed to plea to the charge which alleged that, he, on May 1 2018 at Sophia, unlawfully killed Shelton Jordan.

This publication previously reported that Jordan called “Mickey Mouse” was killed when he attacked Jansen and reportedly attempted to steal his bird on the day in question at around 05:30hrs.

An argument reportedly ensued between the two when Jordan reportedly stabbed the man to his hand. This resulted in a scuffle between the two.

Jansen however managed to disarm Jordan of the knife he was carrying, and stabbed him several times in the process.

The father of five then proceeded to the Police station where he reported what transpired.

According to Jansen’s attorney Latchmie Rahamat, her client was entitled to protect himself from the danger against him.

She revealed that after attempting to steal the bird but failing, Jansen began to run but was pursued by Jordan who then pulled out the knife and attacked him.

Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield, had no bail objections on conditions that the Jansen lodges his passport at the Court and report to Corporal Bowen every Friday until the completion of the matter.

He noted that with the expectation of the Post Mortem report which is still outstanding, the case file is completed.

Bail was granted in the sum of $250,000 and the matter is schedule to appear before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts next on May 28 2018.

At the scene of the crime on the day of the incident, Tiffany Lowers, the girlfriend of the now dead accused bird thief, was in a distraught state at the scene of the incident.

According to the woman, Jordan left home at about midnight on Monday but never returned.

“He left home at 12 last night (midnight Monday) to work… he had no problems with the Police before…we had been together for the last seven years,” the young woman cried.

However, at the scene of the crime, several persons who had their birds stolen, alleged that Jordan was among a group of men who had been prowling the area and stealing birds.

According to a resident in the area, a wildlife dealer, the stolen birds are expensive and are being sold to persons who smuggle them out of the country.


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