Rice farmer allegedly killed by sister in apparent act of self defence


A day which started off with bright sunshine turned out to be a gloomy one for the Lawrie family of Better Success in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) as they are currently mourning the death of Maxton Lawrie, 30.

Dead: Maxton Lawrie
Dead: Maxton Lawrie

Lawrie, a Better Success rice farmer lost his life during a family argument. Information reaching INews revealed that the dead Lawrie came home around midnight August 24 2016, reportedly under the influence of alcohol and started to argue with his father Maxwell Lawrie. The argument escalated to where it is alleged that Lawrie cuffed his father’s right eye.

After assaulting his father, he then reportedly rushed to his sister’s room armed with a knife and knocked on her door. The sister, Stephney Lawrie, opened her bedroom door and was confronted by her brother hurling expletives and remarks about her personal life – still armed with the knife.

Lawrie allegedly tried to hurt his sister with the knife but she pushed him away and he reportedly fell on the knife.

Lawrie suffered a stab wound to his right side lower abdomen. He was rushed by family to the Suddie Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

After the incident, several persons gathered on the scene. The dead man’s wife is currently four months pregnant. Information revealed that he was a habitual drinker and would usually misbehave with family.

On numerous occasions reports were made at the Anna Regina Police station.

Persons who converged on the scene related they heard loud screams emanating from the home. Upon inquires they saw a stab wound on the rice farmer’s body.

Lawrie’s 24-year-old sister is presently in custody assisting with investigations. (Indrawattie Natram)


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