Retired ambassador publishes analysis of Guyanese culture

Rudy Insanally
Rudy Insanally

Former Guyanese Ambassador Rudy Insanally on Friday evening officially launched his most recent work The Guyanese Culture – Fusion or Diffusion? This book is the third in a series of exposés and analysis of the Guyanese culture and the political foundations of our nation.

The series, including the newly launched piece, chronicles the life and work of Insanally, with focus on his experiences as a diplomat. The octogenarian paints a picture of centuries of Guyanese history, which can be easily translated throughout the Caribbean, given the unfolding of a similar series of events. Book launch His most recent work however, zooms in on culture, specifically political culture; explaining this matter with relevance to our past and present structure and what can be done to correct it for the future.

His series of three books are primarily an enlightenment and recommendation, targeting those interested in history, future leaders and students of International Relations and politics.

Insanally’s first book, Multilateral Diplomacy, was a direct recap of his diplomatic work, including discussions for treaties and polices, ending with the chapter, ‘Lessons Learnt.’ He then went on to discuss the interest of small states and the experiences of his travel in his second, Dancing Between the Rain Drops.

This, the third and possibly not the final chapter of his series, was deemed a “fantastic analysis of history,” with a closer look at Guyana.

Despite what one may infer from the title, the 200-page compilation took on a more political angle and less of a cultural depiction. Of the 20 chapters, 10 were aimed directly at politics while a mere four addressed traditions, folklore and the more creative forms of Guyanese culture.

In the book, the celebrated author defined culture with several classical references and referred to Guyana as a collection of tribes. He further compares Guyanese to crabs in a barrel, each pushing the other down just to get to the top, to explain the instances of discrimination and social divide that has plagued our society over the years.

Annette Insanally, sister of the writer, noted that his detailed recollection is not only important to highlight but provides much needed recommendations for the future.

Dr Paloma Mohamed, attached to the University of Guyana, in her task of reviewing the book, highlighted that it was courageous to tell a story through the eyes of culture, given the complexity of the term.

The creative arts specialist noted that it was well crafted and is a rare but welcomed work to the small existing library of Guyanese Literature. The author himself encouraged persons who may be interested in purchasing a copy, to give consideration to the recommendations made, especially as it relates to preserving Guyanese culture.

Copies of The Guyanese Culture along with Insanally’s two previous works were on sale at the event, hosted at Moray House. The writer offered his signature to those in attendance and donated copies to the National Library and the library of the University of Guyana. (Guyana Times)


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