“Respect the Constitution” – Edghill demands


PPP Executive Member Bishop Juan Edghill is calling on the coalition government to do the right thing and call elections now.

“That is our demand…We are not asking the government for a favour,” he contended during the massive protest outside of the Ministry of the Presidency.

Scores of persons braved the inclement weather to demand that the government respect their rights to elect a government of their choice. “We want elections now,” the protesters chanted.

“We are just simply saying respect the Constitution and the successful passage of the no-confidence vote which the CCJ has ruled as validly passed, the government should resign and elections should be held within 90 days,” Edghill expressed.

He lamented that “we have a government that continues to keep Cabinet, distribute lands, give our contracts, they are squatting, squandering the resources of our people and we are saying obey the Constitution and call the elections now. That’s why we are out here.”

The APNU/AFC administration was defeated by a no-confidence motion on December 21, 2018. Elections ought to have been held since before March 21, 2019.