Residents of Matthew’s Ridge without adequate power after theft of generator turbocharger – MPI


The Hinterland Electrification Company Inc. an agency within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) had on Monday, 12 November, 2018, issued a report to the ministry of the theft of a turbocharger from the generator at Matthew’s Ridge, Region One.

As a result of the stolen turbocharger residents within Matthew’s Ridge are currently experiencing power outages.

The matter has been reported to the relevant authority and the Ministry, in a statement said that it, is working prudently to recover the stolen turbocharger or to have it replaced, so residents can enjoy “the privilege of electricity”.

According to the Ministry, last weekend, as the mechanical engineer conducted maintenance work on the generators, he observed several parts were missing from the 156VA Cummins generator.

An investigation was immediately launched at the power station to find the missing equipment.

Moreover, the Ministry outlined that it was upon this investigation that the Station Operator allegedly confessed that he had removed the turbocharger from the generator and sold it to a miner.

The Station Operator is currently in custody at the Matthew’s Ridge police station as the investigation continues for the recovery of the stolen equipment.

The Ministry is asking for patience from the residents, while noting that it is working assiduously towards a speedy resolution to the issue at hand.


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