Ramjattan to “do a Janet Jagan” with President’s invite to talks

Minister Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan


By Kurt Campbell

AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan
AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Leader of the minority Parliamentary Opposition – the Alliance for Change (AFC) – Khemraj Ramjattan says his Party has not received any invitation from the President to engage in dialogue.

However, he told iNews that even if he received the invitation he would throw it over his shoulder; making reference to public consternation that was created when Former President Janet Jagan, under the rule of the current regime, threw a Court Order, preventing her coronation as President, over her shoulder at a ceremonial event at State House after the 1997 elections.

Ramjattan made these comments when contacted hours after Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon disclosed that President Donald Ramotar has an official invitation to the Opposition for ‘talks’ despite the Opposition Parties affirming that it will not engage the administration in dialogue outside of Parliament.

Opposition Leader David Granger has acknowledged receipt of the invitation which comes days after the President shut down Parliament by way of prorogation ahead of a debate on a No Confidence Motion against his administration.

Dr Luncheon told reporters at his post cabinet media briefing today, that the invite was dispatched sometime yesterday and the government is eagerly awaiting a response.

But the combined Opposition has maintained since the prorogation on November 10 that there will be no discussion with the government outside of the House

Cabinet is still hopeful that the Opposition Parties, led by David Granger, will change its mind. Dr. Luncheon said that Cabinet examined the option of “pulling the plug”; meaning that the President can dissolve the Parliament and call general and regional elections.

However, this will be the last resort. President Ramotar in his address to the nation on November 10 said if dialogue with the Opposition fails, then he will set a date for the elections, a position which Dr Luncheon reaffirmed today.


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  8. Ramjattan always wanted to “do a Janet Jagan” because he hated her. Every time his back is against the wall he asks himself, how did I get here? Since Janet Jagan hand picked Bharat Jagdeo and gave him the top post, Ramjattan and Nagamootoo could not be more bitter. Ramjattan exited early because he just couldn’t take it. They wanted the top post to go back to where the PPP originated and stay there. Janet Jagan, born in Chicago, USA, had no regional allegiance to fulfill and handed the job to, in her opinion, the person with the best “brain power”. Their game plan failed.

    Ramjattan and friends have no answer to Donald’s strategy. He can try to “do a Janet” but this will only hasten his push towards the political dump heap. He has no answer to the President’s moves.

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