PSC to Govt: Operationalise Public Procurement, Integrity Commissions now


….put Guyana first or risk lack of interest in national politics

The Guyana Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Tuesday called on the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government to take immediate steps to fully operationalise the Public Procurement Commission and the Integrity Commission if it is serious about fighting corruption and improving the current levels of transparency within the country.

The PSC, in a  statement to media, said that through the establishment and operationalisation of these Commissions, Guyana could further its evolution as what it described as a “truly democratic society”.

It recalled that the David Granger administration had committed itself to ensuring the functionality of both Commissions on several occasions as it advised that “good civil society members” be placed on them regardless of their perceived political affiliations.

“We believe that the time has come for an end to the procrastination on these matters and for the President to give effect to the commitment they have made to the nation on the setting up of these commissions”, the PSC statement read.

The PSC warned that failure to achieve inroads in the operationalisation of the Committees would create “an all time lack of interest by our society in our national politics”.

The entity headquartered on Waterloo Street in Georgetown also warned that continued failure to establish the entities pose a threat to legitimate business activities which could also see the creation of unfair business to business competition.

The PSC also pressed Government to set up the Financial Intelligence Unit with the necessary human resources to investigate and prosecute financial crimes.




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