PSC not in favour of ‘No Confidence’ motion

The Donald Ramotar administration.


The Donald Ramotar led administration.
The Donald Ramotar led administration.

[] – The Private Sector Commission [PSC] of Guyana has taken note of the recent public statements by the Opposition with regards to passing a motion of no confidence in the Government of Guyana along with the challenge put out by President Donald Ramotar for the Opposition to make good on its threat.

The PSC in a statement noted that it will be unfortunate if such a motion is passed as it would signal political instability “to our foreign investors, financiers, customers and suppliers. This will further increase the political risk premium added to the cost of capital when overseas funding is sought by Private Entities and can negatively impact our economy.”

The PSC believes that for progress to be made in a dispensation where a minority Government and a Majority Opposition exist, the political culture should consist of dialogue, compromise and patriotism on issues of national interest and development.

“This culture has been very much absent since our last general elections in 2011 as both sides of the house have exposed their limitations in dealing with such a dispensation.”

According to the PSC, the calling for elections prematurely is signaling that only in a “winner takes all” environment can progress be made.

“This does not auger well for a plural society such as Guyana,” the Commission noted.

The PSC is not hopeful that General Elections will automatically resolve many of the problems facing the country.




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