Project launched to ensure pesticide vendors are trained & certified before operating


The Ministry of Agriculture’s Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board (PTCCB) has recently launched its Pesticide Vendors Education and Certification Programme in order to satisfy the needs of the pesticide industry to complement their role in sound management of chemicals. The PTCCB Pesticides Vendors Education Programme, implemented in 2015 ensures all new pesticide vendors are trained and certified before commencing operations in Guyana. However, employees attached to pesticide vending sites are also required to be trained and certified.

The term “pesticide vendor” is synonymous with businesses that sell pesticides. More and more the role of industry in chemicals management is increasing. Similarly, businesses that sell pesticides to the general public have numerous opportunities to promote the safe use of pesticides, and also have a responsibility to provide competent advice to customers.

The initiative ensures that all staff working in these establishment possess the requisite knowledge for safe use, handling, transport, storage and disposal of pesticides. Additionally, pesticide vendors also provide guidance to pesticide users, mainly farmers on products, use, dose rates, application practices and storage.

The control of pesticides and their use is essential for the protection of people and the environment, since these substances are poisonous in nature and pose severe risk to both human health and the environment. Sound chemicals management aims to alleviate the dangers associated with pesticides, ensuring food safety and protecting the lives of consumers and pesticides users.

Twenty-eight participants from pesticides vendors in Regions 4 and 10 were trained and certified in the first session conducted on Tuesday 11th October, 2022.  These sessions are expected to continue during the month, targeting all pesticide vendors countrywide. There are 204 licensed pesticide vendors countrywide.

Pesticide vendors and their employees who fail to access the current education and certification exercise will have to undertake the Pesticides Vendors Education Programme for future licensing of their businesses.