President to raise Venezuela border controversy at UN General Assembly

President David Granger

By Jomo Paul

President David Granger
President David Granger

[] – President David Granger is slated to take part in the United National General Assembly scheduled for later this month and plans to raise the issue of the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy.

Shortly after US company, Exxon Mobil announced a significant oil find, Venezuela reignited a century old claim on two thirds of Guyana’s territory including the oil rich waters off the Essequibo coast.

Since Venezuela issued the decree stating the claim on May 26 (Guyana’s Independence Day) President Granger has rallied and acquired the support of the Caricom countries against the claim.

During an interview with iNews on September 01, the President reminded that nothing the Venezuelans have stated since 1899 have been enough to invalidate the arbitration award.

Only recently the President met with a special envoy from the United Nations who visited in an attempt to resolve the controversy and quell the tensions between the two countries.

The mission also met with several other key figures including former Foreign Affairs Minister Carolny Rodrigues-Birkett and Sir Shridath Ramphal.

In addition, the Opposition People’s Progressive Party in a release on Wednesday stated that it had met with the team from the UN, where the Party apprised the UN mission of its stance on Venezuela’s claims.


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