President serves lunch at Base Camp Stephenson

President Granger serving lunch at Base Camp Stephenson
Soldiers at Base Camp Stephenson during their Christmas Lunch
Soldiers at Base Camp Stephenson during their Christmas Lunch

[] – President David Granger wished Guyana Defence Force Troops a Merry Christmas, even as he participated in the traditional serving of lunch to soldiers at Base Camp Stephenson, at their Christmas Lunch on Thursday, December 17.

Speaking before the merriment, the President emphasised the importance of the Force.

“This is a day when the whole country would recognise the worth of the Defence Force. Guyana would have been a different place were it not for the GDF,” the President said.

Referencing Operation Dragnet, the President noted that next year will be a busy year for the GDF even as they remain on guard to ensure the security of Guyana.

The Commander in Chief, who was once a Platoon Commander and Base Commander at Camp Stephenson said being there was a moment of nostalgia for him. He added that the base has a rich history and was the base from which troops took off from to quell the rebellion in the Rupununi in 1969.

President Granger serving lunch at Base Camp Stephenson
President Granger serving lunch at Base Camp Stephenson

Chief of Staff of the Army, Brigadier Mark Phillips told the President, “The troops at Timehri remain steadfast in our operations towards enhancing defence and security throughout Guyana. At present we are positioned at our frontiers at different locations in our hinterland and our coastland. We are on Operation Dragnet, an operation that is aimed to enhance security throughout Guyana and we remain ready for any other operation that you and your Defence Board would direct to us.”

President Granger also used the opportunity of being at Camp Stephenson to tour the Civil Defence Commission’s Emergency Operation Centre and Warehouse. [Ministry of the Presidency]



  1. They’ll come to you. If you were following carefully you would have known that tax collection is actually up compared to the same period last year. They are going after those big businesses that flout the law and skip out on their taxes. Things are happening slowly and deliberately, but there is so much more to do, it will take years for Guyana to turn around. You hate this present government so much you just sit and wish for bad things. At the end of the day we are all guyanese and should wish for great things to happen to Guyana.

  2. President serves lunch at Base Camp Stephenson
    Money flowing for certain sector of Guyanese but not so for others:
    Did the PNC get the loan from exxon ?
    Maybe the independent free media should ask PNC top dogs.
    I forget the so called independent free media must toe PNC line at all times.
    KN SN are like little mouse now..they cant roar ..

  3. Any announcement of one month’s salary for the ranks of the GDF or are they included in those who are to receive $50,000 bonus tax free? One thing that is really puzzling; where did this money suddenly come from? They claimed that they inherited an empty treasury but as soon as they began to put their hands into cookie jar, they gave themselves hefty increases with increased perks. If they knew the story of the magic cupboard (every time you take out something you must put something back) then their cupboard would be empty soon as they have no income generating policy in place. Will they go to the IMF, World Bank or China?


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