President, Opposition Leader to meet tomorrow

File photo: President David Granger and Opposition leader, Bharrat Jagdeo during a previous engagement

President David Granger has officially invited Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo to meet with him tomorrow (Thursday) to consult on the appointment of members of  the Police Service Commission and the Public Service Commission.

File photo: President David Granger and Opposition leader, Bharrat Jagdeo during a previous engagement

However, the Opposition Leader refused to release the names to be proposed for the Commissions on his party’s side, until after the consultations.

“I’m not aware that the President has released the names of the people that he intends to consult with me on so out of courtesy, what I will do, I will not release those names today, I will await the consultations to take place and maybe after the consultations I can then speak again with the media,” he said.

Jagdeo further disclosed that he intends to utilise the rare meeting with Granger to discuss other vital issues that he believes are adversely affecting Guyanese.

“Tomorrow, I will give to the media …my take on the consultations and some other matters that I plan to raise with the President outside of the two issues that he’s invited me to consult on. The reason I have to do so [is that] the opportunities are rare where we meet and so even though there are a substantive or large number of issues that have serious national consequences because of his reluctance to engage not only with the media but with anyone else, it seems, in a meaningful manner, then we have these rare opportunities to raise additional issues so I plan to do so,” he explained.

The life of the last Police Service Commission came to an end in September of 2017 and there have since been calls for its reconstitution.

In fact, concerns were further raised after there were no promotions of senior officers last year.

Before the life of the last Police Service Commission ended, President David Granger had ordered in July, of that year, that it put a hold on the promotion  of senior ranks.

Though that order was followed, the Courts later determined that it was illegal for the President to direct the autonomous Commission.

In January of 2018, Deputy Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine, who was then acting in the capacity of Commissioner, had called for the body to be put in operation as soon as possible.

Ramnarine told reporters that the number of senior ranks within the Force is dwindling and as such, the Force is eagerly awaiting the reconstitution of the Police Services Commission so that the long awaited promotions for 2017 can be made.

The Police Force promoted 204 junior ranks last year.

Back in April 2018, former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Paul Slowe  was nominated to head the Police Service Commission (PSC). (Ramona Luthi)




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