President appoints AG Basil Williams, 8 others as Senior Counsel

President David Granger

President David Granger has appointed incumbent Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Basil Williams and eight other attorneys who are “learned in the law in Guyana, on account of their exemplary experience, erudition, excellence and diligence in the practice of the law” as Senior Counsel.

These appointments will take effect from January 1, 2017.

Below are the names of the persons appointed as Senior Counsel:

  1. Neil Aubrey Boston, admitted to the Bar in November 1982, for service with distinction as a trial lawyer for over 34 years.
  1. Charles John Ethelwood Fung-A-Fat, admitted to the Bar in August 1983, for service as Parliamentary Counsel and Deputy Chief Parliamentary Counsel for over 33 years.
  1. Justice Alison Roxane McLean George-Wiltshire, admitted to the Bar in October 1990, for service as a Senior State Counsel, Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Deputy Director of Public Prosecution and Director of Public Prosecution.
  1. Clifton Mortimer Llewelyn John, admitted in 1952 first as a solicitor and then as a barrister, for his practice in both he High Court and the Magistrate’s Court.
  1. Rafiq Turhan Khan, admitted to the Bar in November 1984, for his service as an advocate, member and Co-Chairman of the Legal Practitioners Committee.
  1. Vidyanand Persaud, called to the Bar in London in July 1976 and admitted to the Bar in Guyana in October 1976, for his service as an arbitrator in disputes and in private practice for 40 years.
  1. Rosalie Althea Robertson, admitted to the Bar in November 1983, for her service as a Legal Advisor and Corporate Secretary for 33 years and as Registrar of Lands.
  1. Justice Claudette Margot Cecile Singh, called to the Bar in London in 1973 and admitted to the Bar in Guyana in 1976, for her service as the Deputy Solicitor General and as a Puisne Judge and a Justice of Appeal and her leadership in spearheading the Modernisation of the Justice Reform Project, and as the Guyana Police Force’s Legal Advisor.
  1. Basil Williams, admitted to the Bar in October 1983, for service in the practice of the law in both criminal and civil law for over 33 years and as Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs.



  1. This is all this good for nothing knows to do whatever happen to the poor people no attention is given to us–the country is at a standstill and the productive sector is the criminal one because the victims do not look like him–change well this is the change the moron and his stooges promised,


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