Pregnant woman brutally chopped by neighbour

injured Vanessa Persaud

Vanessa Persaud of Hague Backdam, West Coast Demerara is now nursing two chop wounds to the head and a fractured skull at the Georgetown Public Hospital after she was attacked by a neighbour whom she had confront about a stolen bicycle on Saturday evening.

The woman is said to be 38 weeks pregnant.

injured Vanessa Persaud

Based on information received, at about 19:30h  on the day in question, the woman saw the suspect and confronted him about a bicycle which he allegedly stole from her. During the confrontation, she threatened to summon the police.

At this time, the suspect’s younger brother threw a cutlass at him which he used to attack the pregnant woman.

“He started to run behind me and just start chopping me like he mad. I tried to escape but I couldn’t. I’m 38 weeks pregnant. I fall down all the blood started gushing down face. I got two big chops in my head and my skull fracture,” the distraught woman told <<<Inews>>> during a telephone interview.

She added that she was immediately rushed to the Leonora Hospital then transferred to the West Demerara Regional Hospital and due to the severity of her injuries; she was later transferred to the GPHC. The teenage suspect was arrested as police continue thier investigations.


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