Pregnant mom who killed husband claims she acted in self-defence, appeals for help to get bail money

Sandra Brescenio (Photo Credit: Big Smith photo)

A pregnant mother of four is currently seeking public assistance to post bail in the sum of $300,000 after she was charged with murdering her alleged abusive husband.

Thirty-two-year-old Sandra Brescenio, a housewife of Cannaballi Village, Region One (Barima-Waini) was charged for the heinous crime and granted bail by Magistrate Dylon Bess. The charge was read via Skype on Friday.

According to Brescenio, she was at a church service when her husband, Clarence Williams, appeared and dragged her out of the event, demanding that she left in order to prepare his food.

She stated that this resulted in a heated argument between them during which she was choked. The now dead man had also threatened to push her into a fire.

In fact, after she arrived home, the man reportedly started to threaten her again and in self-defence, she stabbed him twice to the groin with the kitchen knife she was using to clean fish.

However, after the stabbing incident, Brescenio fell into an unconscious state and when she awoke, she saw her husband bleeding profusely.

She raised an alarm and he was rushed to seek medical attention, but he reportedly died on the way. The woman, who had been in the abusive relationship for several years, said she did not mean to kill her husband, but acted in self-defence after he tried to push her head into the fire.

Brescenio is now behind bars as she does not have the money to post bail, so she is soliciting the public’s assistance.

Persons desirous of helping Brescenio can contact the United Bridge Builders Mission on 667- 4640 or via email at [email protected].