PPP/C wants answers: What criteria is President Granger using to pardon convicts?

Mohabir Anil Nandlall, MP, Attorney-at-Law

…and who exactly are these convicts and what process is used to pardon them?

A number of prisoners who were convicted of ‘non-lethal’ offences are expected to be pardoned shortly by President David Granger. However, the Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is calling for the government to answer several important questions as to the process of pardoning and the convicts’ identities.

Anil Nandlall
Anil Nandlall

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, is urging Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, to disclose in the National Assembly the list of names of these selected prisoners, their dates of birth, offences which they have committed and are being pardoned from, their criminal records and the length of the sentence that was served at the time when the pardon was granted.

He is requesting Minister Ramjattan to declare publicly in the House what are the process and criteria that were used by President Granger or any authority who was acting on his behalf to settle on eligibility for the presidential pardon.

Nandlall is also seeking an answer as to under what statutory or constitutional provision, if any, did the President act in granting these pardons for the convicts.

Meanwhile, the PPP/C is asking to be informed as to what the “approximate number of pardons” the President is most likely to grant on an annual basis and annually and how many of these persons, if any, to whom the President has granted pardons, have been subsequently charged with criminal offences.

If so, provide the names of those persons and the offences for which they have been charged, the PPP/C stated. President Granger, during the weekend had announced that presently there are steps being put in place to pardon another group of convicts; mostly mothers for offences except murder and manslaughter.

“There are certain criteria. It is not a reckless process. Persons who have been involved in crimes of violence- manslaughter or murder- will not be eligible and we are looking at persons who might have been convicted for short periods for what we call non-lethal offences,” President Granger explained.

He in effect ruled out any males being pardoned in this batch of prisoners that was selected.



  1. This should be of great concern to all Guyanese regardless if you are supporters of this Defacto Government or not. Granger cannot continue to pardon these criminals in such large numbers knowing crime has been on the increase. Fellow Guyanese voice your opinions on this burning issue. Don’t be silent and let your voice be heard. Take a stand and oppose this move executed by Granger.

  2. So lets get rid of the lower courts and only charge people for murder and manslaughter,this way we can have more money to pay public workers,petty crimes are not crime according to this dictator president that we have so go out and make you hustle and the president will see with you.

  3. I can’t fault Nandlall’s request. Being female and non-violent does not make someone a paragon of virtue although some would see it that way. Serial offenders should not be considered even if they behave like mother Theresa while behind bars. First time convicts who are well known to the police but have never been caught before or who were caught before but got off should not be considered either. Those known to be consorts or associates of male criminals should serve out their sentences even if they come across as Taffi Dollar at Sunday service. Those known for loud, aggressive behaviour or who are regular guests at the lock ups or who regularly commit nuisance offenses that only carry fines should also serve out their sentences. Maybe one criterion should be that the subject should be forty years old or over. At any rate, fifty are too many to be released at one time.Maybe a number like twenty five or thirty should be considered.

  4. It’s simple. “Commit a crime,under the age of 25 and granger will set u free” only in guyana. Only in guyana u are hearing about the amount of pardoned criminals. Only in guyana are they being pardoned on a regular basis.. congrats to the independence of the wrong and pardoned. “Ironically granger says there will be institutions for these pardoned criminals” wat a joke.!! Low and behold the same pardoned criminals can’t help themselves but to resort to them old ways”. Pathetic and injustice to the persons they have caused to suffer.. keep it granger president of the land of the “lawless and vindictiveness”..

  5. The criteria —-we are of the same kind so you must be set free to go commit more crimes—–“group of convicts; mostly mothers for offences except murder and manslaughter.” So it ok to go rob and beat innocent hard working ppl.mr president?The mothers in prison then let the fathers take care of the children.Oh sorry the moms do not know who the fathers are—


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