PPP spreads Christmas cheer to children in Berbice



10848006_1524792807793017_5386162694681686589_n[www.inewsguyana.com] – In keeping with the spirit of the festive season of sharing and goodwill, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) yesterday hosted two events to spread Christmas joy to hundreds of children in Berbice.

The first, which was held at the residence of former President and founder of the PPP, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, in Ankerville Port Mourant, saw an attendance of over three hundred children, a media release noted.

The second was held at the Bath Primary School, Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice and had a similar attendance. At both events, the General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee, handed out gifts and other Christmas goodies to the children.

As part of the merriment, the children sang Christmas songs and engaged themselves in many fun-filled games.

Rohee and other Party officials interacted with the younger ones and extended best wishes for the Christmas season.


  1. the truth must be told .ppp for aslong as they are in power they neglect their core base constituents to appeas those in pnc communities..check it out for yourselves. ppp spent more money in black communities that what they spend on indian communities..when ramotar was tackled with that question on why ppp did this..ramotar blamed it on contractors…oh yeah indians are so dumb to tell them anything and they eat it up..the indian knew what ppp did to them..the indians knew ppp cant protect them from banditry..so last election the very indians say whats the use voting ppp and they cant govern they cant protect them no public transport and ppp continue to hire most that support pnc to work in ppp run institutes where these pnc supporters shake them down for bribes daily..look at whats taking place the motorist on our roads..ppp hire those that support and vote pnc to shake down those who vote ppp..the people are fed up with ppp crap..


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