Antigua’s Prime Minister chastised for comments about Guyana’s political situation

Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne
Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne
Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne

[] – A New York-based Caribbean association has chastised Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne for comments he made about the current political situation in Guyana.

Browne, in his capacity as Caricom Chairman, told Stabroek News recently, that the community was not too concerned over the proroguing of Guyana’s Parliament; and that it would respect President Donald Ramotar’s judgment and Constitutional right to suspend the legislative branch.

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy said Browne is uninformed and his comments were offensive and incompatible with democratic values.

The institute’s president Rickord Burke, in a statement yesterday accused Browne of being “uninformed and vacuous.”

He also accused Caricom of demonstrating bias towards the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

Ramotar on November 10, 2014, abruptly suspended the nation’s Parliament to prevent the passage of a no-confidence motion against his government.

The government is in the minority with 32 seats. The combined opposition controls the majority of 33 seats.

Guyana is to go to the polls early. Presidential and parliamentary elections are due in 2016, but will be conducted next year. [Antigua Observer]


  1. Guyana will always remain at the bottom of any country, because the Guyanese people are so much more interested in other people’s business then there own, and all the government will do is rip that nation off, I will not go back, but let me do so for history on Guyana, under the PNC no minister’s had big houses, or expensive vehicles, and big Bank accounts, and all the minister’s was well spoken locally and internationally, all over the world had respected that country.
    if was not for the PNC the Indians’ wouldn’t have had the chance to get an education the PPP, had the Indians younger girls going and get married to big men of Indians race, the girls was just 13 to 15 years old, the Indians progress out of the PNC, and not of the PPP.
    My GOD Guyanese people y you guys don’t wakeup ,don’t u see what is going on.
    all the minister’s, look what the had when the got into the office, and being in office what the have after.
    for those of black people who is in the ppp, what’s there religion, the media should ask them, non of then other than the PM and egil is Christen’s.
    all the years the PPP had a problem with the constitution, let them tell the nation y being in power for over 20years and no effort to change it, well I guess the Guyanese people should now see why other countries don’t want you in there’s,
    Go go PPP, take back the 28 years. U could not rip the country then because there was strong black’s then who was leaders now you have only black Flowers now.

  2. no one could stop pnc from doing what it did to guyanese.
    now the same pnc on their knees begging the same ones who stood on the sidelines and cheered while pnc was raping guyana.
    they forget that the entire CARICOM operation is no longer kit and Kin absolute.
    PNC would love to kiss massa UK BT but hey big US Masaa BT not wite enough for them to kiis pon. If he only try to install a black in Guyana he will be chewed up big time and be called the biggest racist ever.and he cant put that award he won on the line for guyana.

  3. I don’t care whether someone is PPP. PNC AFC or whatever. But the truth is CARICOM has always been against the PPP

    CARICOM is not helpful to GUYANA, in any way, and I can’t understand why Guyana Should remain so close to this satanic community,
    We are a south American country and must align more to our south American sister countries..

    Caribbean leaders stood silently while Burnham and the PNC Bullied the Nation.

    Gordon Brown to helll with you and your racist CARICOM
    Shame on you Brown, you can come and join APNU and AFC.

  4. you are such racist and uninformed individual . i would suggest to you to go back to school and allow the intelligent mind to do their job. we don’t need ppl like you in any decision making body for our country .

  5. For 28 years the governments of the Caribbean remained silent or gave subtle support to the corrupt, unelected and repressive PNC’s dictatorial rule in Guyana. So me Burke, you should shut you mouth and look at the undermining tactics used by the AFC/ APNU-PNC to stifle developmental projects which would benefit ALL Guyanese. You need new lenses to see through the clouded and prejudicial ones through which you now look.


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