PPP slams Govt’s tardy response to Zika virus


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) at its most recent media briefing, has slammed the Public Health Ministry over its handling of the lone Zika Virus case in Guyana and called on the Government to seek assistance from the Pan-American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) to assess the current state of affairs in the country and work towards preventing a possible outbreak of the virus.

zikaThe Party also recommends that efforts be made to secure assistance from the Global Outbreak and Response Network in areas of institutional strengthening and capacity building to detect the whereabouts, circulation, monitoring and surveillance of the mosquito-borne virus in Guyana.

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee contended that the Ministry’s handling of the Zika Virus existence in the country is abysmal and that the situation is only compounded by the lack of testing facilities for persons suspected to be infected.

Rohee also went on to bash the government over the unavailability of testing facilities in the country, saying that the fact that Guyana had to send blood overseas for testing is an indication of the country’s lack of laboratory capacity to detect and ensure accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment for patients and to track the whereabouts of the mosquitoes that cause the virus.

He also criticised government for the inadequate actions taken to embark on awareness campaigns and the insufficient measures in place to treat infected persons and prevent the spread of the virus.

Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton recently announced the detection of one case of the Zika Virus in Guyana.

About a week ago, the Ministry’s Vector Control Services began fogging Georgetown in an effort to kill mosquitoes that can transmit vector-borne diseases. This exercise is slated to continue until January 30.






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