Popular Chinese restaurant at Craig robbed by armed ‘customers’

  • bandits threaten to kill Chinese couple

  •  escape with millions in cash, jewellery and electrical appliances

A popular Chinese restaurant owner in Craig, on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD), fell prey to armed robbers on Monday evening, leaving his family of four deeply traumatised and counting their losses.
The restaurant, named Hing Fat, is also attached to the family’s home and is located on the EBD Public Road.
The bandits, who posed as customers, reportedly carted off with millions of dollars worth in cash, jewellery, electrical appliances and other gadgets.
They also escaped with common commodities that were in stock, including cases of beer and energy drinks.
According to a report in today’s Guyana Times, three men were in the restaurant drinking beer when the owner signalled his intention to close the operations for the night since it was 22:00hrs.
Subsequently, one of the men approached the counter to make the payment when he whipped out a firearm and threatened to kill the man.

The restaurant at Craig that was robbed
The restaurant at Craig that was robbed

At this time, the man shouted to his wife to bar the doors to their house, which was attached to the restaurant; however, the other accomplice was one step ahead and quickly dashed into the room.
Reports indicate that the third man was standing guard outside.
Information reaching this publication revealed that the perpetrators stripped curtains apart and bounded the man and his wife as they hunted through the house in search for valuables.
The couple’s children – two young girls ages five and seven – remained out of the bandits’ sight during the ordeal which lasted roughly 30 minutes.
Reports are that the seven-year-old child ran into the backyard to hide while the five-year-old was sound asleep when the event transpired.
After bagging the stolen merchandise, the bandits fled the scene in a white motor vehicle which was parked outside the restaurant.
The family managed to wiggle themselves free and contacted the Police who later arrived at the scene after being taken there by the owner in his private vehicle.
Police ‘A’ Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) Assistant Commander, Marlon Chapman, confirmed that the Police was notified of the incident and that an investigation has been launched.


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