Political parties do not practice internal democracy – iNews Poll



Pie[www.inewsguyana.com] – An iNews Poll has found that political parties in Guyana do not practice sufficient internal democracy.

In response to the poll question: Do political parties in Guyana practise sufficient internal democracy? 79 percent of participants voted ‘No’, 12 percent voted ‘yes’ and a mere nine percent were undecided.

An article on aceproject.org explains that internal democracy in political parties, also known as intra-party democracy, refers to the level and methods of including party members in the decision making and deliberation within the party structure.

Inter-party democracy is usually known to nurture citizens’ political competencies and/or producing more capable representatives which in turn ensures that the party produces better policies and political programmes.



  1. If you tell me PNC, I will wholeheartedly agree.
    They can a write the book on how to: Fix Outcomes 101.

  2. PPP does it the right way while PNC do it their way for reason only they in PNC will know…They in PNC do not trust each other when it comes to leadership and money money money….Did you now loved it how Obama and Hilary duke it out for the world and in the end poor Hilary cried…In mighty America they do things their way and no one must follow them…The candidate in America who can raise the most money wins the Presidency…In two terms Obama out raised Hilary Clinton were were money machines raisers and the old war mongering goon John McCain..the Obama clobbered poor Mitt Romney who put his dog on top of his car and drove to Canada..Romney was a money machine raiser too but boy oh boy Obama could have raised more than a billion if he needed it..Obama won—Again..This is why big business ruling America and not Obama…America has more poverty now than ever before but hey look at the Stock Market under Obama..Wall St surging while Main St crying n dying.. America plays hand ball and call it football…A game where they only use the foot once to kick a field goal..Dont ever try to follow America…They say they are the richest and most powerful country in the world but like half the population of just over 300 million lives in poverty..


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