Police Service Commission now expected in March despite calls for swifter reconstitution


President David Granger this morning said that he is awaiting the appointment of a Chairman of the Public Service Commission before he can move ahead with the reconstitution of the Police Service Commission.

President David Granger being accorded the Presidential Salute upon his arrival at the Officers’ Mess at Eve Leary

The Head of State told media operatives today, at the Annual Police Officers’ Conference at Eve Leary, among other things, that he is now looking to have this done by next month.

“I had an engagement with the Leader of the Opposition and we’ve settled the Teaching Service Commission and the Integrity Commission, and we will move onto the Public Service Commission. Once that is done, I hope as quickly as possible maybe during February or March, that commission will be in place,” he indicated.

In the latter part of 2017 however, the President had said that he would like to see the Commission in place by the end of that year.

The life of the last Police Service Commission came to an end in September of 2017 and there have since been calls for its reconstitution.

In fact, concerns were further raised after there were no promotions of senior officers last year.

Before the life of the last Police Service Commission ended back in September of 2017, President David Granger had ordered in July, of that year, that it put a hold on the promotion  of senior ranks.

Though that order was followed, the Courts later determined that it was illegal for the President to direct the autonomous Commission.

The new members of the Police Service Commission have already been selected but they are yet to be formally appointed.

In January of 2018, Deputy Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine, who was then acting in the capacity of Commissioner, had called for the body to be put in operation as soon as possible.

Ramnarine told reporters that the number of senior ranks within the Force is dwindling and as such, the Force is eagerly awaiting the reconstitution of the Police Services Commission so that the long awaited promotions for 2017 can be made.

The Police Force promoted 204 junior ranks last year.


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