Police investigation into Former GPL official, Duncan underway

Aerswar Deonarine
Aerswar Deonarine and Carvil Duncan
Aerswar Deonarine and Carvil Duncan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The police have been issued with documents which now give them the power to commence investigations into the illegal transfer of more than $30M into the private bank accounts of former Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. Aeshwar Deonarine and Board Member Carvil Duncan.

The files were sent to the police on November 13, 2015. Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum and Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson confirmed that the file is with the police but none would comment on the depth of its contents.

Following the discovery of the transfer, Deonarine had requested time from Minister Patterson for addition time to repay the money; however government says that to date, no steps have been taken by the former DCEO in that direction.

When questioned on the issue in September, Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman had revealed that the matter will be handed over to the DPP for advice and further action, even though Deonarine is no longer residing in Guyana.

“The absence of the presence of a person does not prevent an investigation from continuing. Government will of course seek the advice of the DPP’s Chambers and leave the matter there to be dealt with; we’re not in the business of going after people. It’s an allegation. If the man says it was not intended to commit an act of theft and he intends to return it, we’ll have to see how that goes and call on him to make good on his undertaking to repay,” Trotman told reporters on September 09.

As it relates to Duncan, it was revealed that in addition to the monies for Deonarine, he also approved payment of $948,000 to his own account.



  1. This minister, and possibly the entire Gov’t, seem to be taking the entire Guyanese population for solid fools…..which part of the universe can a public servant skim off public funds without any authorisation stash it in his personal bank account and when caught promise to bring it back, without any consequence? This is the same old PPP gov’t baptised with a name change :APNU/AFC……This is sickening . Imagine the minister’s statement ” we are not in the business of going after people”. How could this blatant mishap be explained ?……This public servant must be made to offer a legal defence in a court of law…any other deviation tells us that the pattern of deception exhibited by the PPP is now taking form with the APNU/AFC.

  2. i do support your comment Flash,well said this Govt are jokers they are sparing the rod and thus spoil the child

  3. This Government is just bla ! bla ! bla . Since taking office in May 2015, with all the allegations of corruptness, no charges has been brought. This Government is no different to the previous one.. A simple case of the PPP family and friends getting gas for free nothing has been done about it.. The President David Granger should be a Sunday school teacher.Although I voted for this Government, I always thought that Mr. Granger was not the right person to be the President. The PPP is just laughing at this Government. The chinese are now given two more years to continue to rob the country of it’s resources. Somebody is now getting their pockets filled from the chinese. What a shame. One term government.


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