Police hunting for third suspect in Port Mourant robbery


Police are on the hunt for a third suspect who is believed to have been involved in a robbery which was carried out at Port Mourant, Berbice, last Saturday where armed men entered a home robbing the family of cash, jewellery and other valuables.

INews understands that one of the two suspects presently in police custody is allegedly the mastermind behind the crime and after executing the robbery, his two partners did not want to “share the loot” with him.

robberyAs such, he pretended to be a witness and tried to turn the men in for questioning stating that he had information about where the two bandits had hidden the items. However, one of two suspects he identified managed to escape and is still in hiding.

“He apparently became highly annoyed because the two others who are brothers did not want to split what they had stolen. So he decided to sell them out for the crime but little did he know that he would have been held by police for it too,” a source stated.

When contacted this afternoon, Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum, confirmed that the two suspects are still in the custody of law enforcement officials and that investigators are on the hunt for the third suspect.

According to Blanhum, the suspect who is on the run is ‘known to the police’ since he was involved in a robbery in 2005 where he had been shot.

Meanwhile, police were able to recover some of the items that were stolen during the robbery.

The items which were found Sunday morning at a house in Corentyne include; two laptops and a cellular phone.

Reports are that about 19:45h on Saturday, armed men cut through a back fence and robbed the Jaiprashad family.

Harnauth Jaiprashad, 65, a retired security officer; his wife, Parmini, 62, a retired headteacher; their two children, two grandchildren and son-in-law had just returned from a fast food restaurant and were preparing to have dinner when the robbers entered.



  1. Police hunting for third suspect in Port Mourant robbery
    Y police hunting them nice boys this?
    Y police dis stupid when the illegal US installed president Graingeheh is fascinated with criminals and b installed puppet president will pardon them


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