Police Force gets additional equipment to boost Operation Safeway

  • to nab drunk drivers and those who break the speed limit

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has boosted the capability of  ‘Operation Safeway’ to nab drunk drivers and those who break the speed limit. The GPF received a number of radar guns and breathalyser kits among other traffic gear.

Traffic Chief, Dion Moore today showcased the new equipment which his department received at Traffic Headquarters, Eve Leary, Kingston. Since the launch of Operation Safeway on September 15, police have arrested 41 persons for driving above the prescribed alcohol limit and 356 persons for speeding.

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Traffic Chief, Dion Moore (centre) and ranks of the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department with the newly acquired radar guns, breathalyser kits, flashing wands, traffic cones and reflector vests to be used in Operation Safeway. (Carl Croker/INews photos)

The newly acquired equipment will see an increase in random breathalyser testing and recording of speed limit with radar guns by the GPF traffic ranks nationwide as part of Operation Safeway.

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To ensure the visibility of ranks on the roadway during the operation, the GPF also acquired flashing wands, traffic cones and reflectorised vests. “We emphasise the point that ranks performing duties on the road must be at all times visible,” Moore said.

According to the Government Information Agency, more than 200 police ranks are engaged in Operation Safeway. The ranks work on a 24-hour shift basis with special emphasis during the night. “By night, you will have more vehicle patrols and within those patrols you’ll find ranks conducting random breathalyser testing,” Moore explained.

For the year, there have been over 96 deaths as a result of accidents on the roadways compared to 90 by the end of September 2015. The Traffic Chief pointed out that those fatal accidents occur mostly on the East Bank of Demerara where drivers are often driving under the influence or above the speed limit. Division A, East Bank Demerara followed by Division C, East Coast Demerara  recorded the highest road fatalities to date.

Operation Safeway was introduced to curb the rising road fatality rate. “Our aim is to have more road safety consciousness and to promote better driving attitudes and road safety practices,” Moore told the media.

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