PNC/R breaks silence on Vanessa Kissoon’s alleged assault

Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon
Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon
Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon

[] – The People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) has issued a statement, breaking its silence on the alleged assault of PNC/R Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon by the Party’s General Secretary Oscar Clarke.

According to the Party’s statement, which in essence defended Clarke, sought to make its position on the matter clear.

The PNC/R stated firstly that the General Secretary has the right to enjoy free and unimpeded access to the Party’s property and secondly that the Central Executive Committee has the authority to make non-elected appointments.

“This case had its origin in the decision of the Central Executive Committee to appoint a former member of the National Assembly as Coordinator of the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region where she [Kissoon] resides. The General Secretary assigned specific administrative and organizational duties to the Coordinator,” the statement pointed out.

The Party observed that it was evident from the outset that ‘certain persons’ resented the appointment and resisted attempts to allow the Coordinator to be given access to the Party’s office.

The General Secretary had traveled to attend an announced meeting on March 26 at the Party’s Office in Linden where the Regional Chairman Sharma Soloman was present.

“The General Secretary asked Ms Vanessa Kissoon for the key for the office. Ms Kissoon, although a Member of the National Assembly, is not an elected Party officer of the Region. He was told that the key was not available at that time although it was clear that the office had been opened,” the statement added.

He [Clarke] then returned on April 29 for another announced meeting but this time the meeting was “disrupted by some persons and had to be terminated.”

According to the Party, Clarke finally met Kissoon on June 20 at Congress Place Sophia where he repeated his request for the key to the Party’s property but was rebuffed.

The PNC/R did not respond to the allegations in its statement that Kissoon was allegedly abused by Clarke.

The matter is currently being examined by the Party’s Disciplinary Committee while Kissoon’s membership has been suspended until the matter could be determined.



  1. Anytime I see the name Kissoon, I will reach out for my ten foot pole so as to be far away as possible.
    I wonder if this is the Office where four (4) million dollars disappeared into thin air, right under Solaman’s nose.

  2. All the old heads from PNC need to step aside and let the young ones put some new initiative into the party. Just a bunch of old resentful burnhamites.


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