PNC Congress passes resolution to halt pollution of Canje River



 A PNCR member addressing congress with a bottle of polluted water from the Canje River.
A PNCR member addressing congress with a bottle of polluted water from the Canje River.

[] – The second day of the 18th Biennial Congress of the PNCR was continued yesterday [Saturday, July 26] at the Party’s Headquarters at Sophia.

According to a press statement from the PNC, the Congress passed a resolution calling on the PPPC administration to immediately take corrective steps to halt the pollution of the Canje River.

The highlight of the session was the report of the General Secretary of the PNCR, Oscar Clarke, who gave an in-depth overview of the happenings within the PNCR since the last Biennial Congress which was held in July 2012 and the state of the party’s eleven regions over the period.

In his report, Clarke said it was a period of continued challenges as well as opportunities for the Party.

“We are still saddled as a country with the continued racial and political discrimination at the hands of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic administration.”

The work of the Party’s constitutional review committee was presented by committee Chairman, Lance Carberry for debate and assent by the Congress.

Today, members will elect a leader for the Party, either David Granger or Aubrey Norton.


  1. pollution at pnc congress ? this is most comical…pnc is polluted..pee in bottle and check it for pollution now….the biggest racist are those in PNC…only at election times since 92 racism rear its ugly head from the pnc side by calling ppp racist forcing ppp respond..ok lets say ppp racist…now..lets take a long hard look into PNC PNC PNC ..the Indians in PNC from top to middle to bottom is overbearing stacked with Indians.. not only guyanese but the entire world knows pnc is a political party for blacks only…in no time pnc will root out the few women it has in its political party..


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