PNC celebrates 57th anniversary; recommits to national unity


PNC-1-[] – The People’s National Congress (PNC) today (Sunday, October 5), celebrates its 57th anniversary as a political force that once held the reins of government.

The Party says it made a contract with this nation 57 years ago and remain the  the heirs and executors of that contract.

“We have a duty to make exclusionary democracy a reality in every neighbourhood, every municipality, every region and in the entire nation,” the Party said in a statement today.

The Party renewed its commitment to continue to work through A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to remove all obstacles to national unity.

“The PNC will never surrender its struggle to restore local exclusionary democracy through early local government elections. The PNC will never resile from its duty to work with any agencies, organisations, persons and parties in order to achieve the ideal of forging greater unity and democracy among all the people of Guyana,” the statement added.

Opposition Leader David Granger reminded that Former President and Founder Leader of the PNC Forbes Burnham together with Founder Chairman Joseph Lachmansingh established the People’s National Congress on the fifth of October 1957.

He said the PNC was conceived as a party of personal liberty and consecrated as a party of national unity; committed to the service of all the people.

“It then embarked of the task of transforming a deeply divided colony into the united, independent state of Guyana. The new state adopted the inspiring national motto – One People, One Nation, One Destiny.”

Granger said The PNC has never forgotten its duty to actualise the vision of our nation’s founders by continuing their work to respect and protect all the people and to unite them into ‘One Nation.’  

He believes the people today want greater local democracy to administer their communities not ministerial dictatorship. “They want greater inclusion in decision-making, not exclusion. They want more consultation about matters that affect their everyday lives, not confrontation and marginalisation. The PNCR is convinced that greater national unity will bring the greatest good for the greatest number – greater wealth, greater growth and greater happiness.”



  1. I truly believe both parties can work together for a greater country but they both have to move away from the old traditions, ways, hatred and most of all racism. Blending the fullness of the people making Guyana truly “ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ONE DESTINY”

  2. eh eh like pnc people still got sum of that 2.1 billion US they stashed to celebrate..
    glen lall and anand persaud cant call dem teef …they know why…

  3. PNC kill Guyana half dead.
    PPP/C resurrected it.
    Women dominated the picture.
    Amna Ally occupy half!
    Dr Jagan agreed for Independence and work with the PNC.
    MR Granger has not learned how to work with the PPP/C yet.


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