PM “very disappointed” at headline of Guyana Chronicle report

Derwayne Wills and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in conversation

By Jomo Paul

Derwayne Wills and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in conversation
Derwayne Wills and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in conversation

[] – Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo says he is “very disappointed” over the headline of an article that appeared in the Tuesday, August 25 edition of the Guyana Chronicle.

The article headlined: “Gov’t blunders on Budget Estimates … violates laws assented to by President Granger” made it pass the Editor and onto the front page of the Guyana Chronicle and has been making rounds on social media.

The article’s headline was strange, given the fact that the Chronicle is a government owned entity. While there are reports that some complaints have been made about the article from Government Officials, Nagamootoo denied any hand in any such happenings.

“I have not spoken to the Reporter [Derwayne Wills] about this matter; as I was walking out, the Reporter came up to me and we had a conversation; we had a conversation about journalism…the Reporter said he wanted to talk to me and we went out there but I did not upbraid the Reporter,” said the Prime Minister.

Nagamootoo, who holds responsibility for the state media, indicated too that as far as he is concerned, the matter is a “non-issue” and he does not meddle in the day to day editorial operations of the Guyana Chronicle.

“I believe sometimes some headlines will surprise you; this one did surprise me…I was disappointed, very disappointed; I didn’t think it was an objective headline on the sum total of what transpired in parliament yesterday,” he stated when questioned by reporters.

The Prime Minister suggested that the media speak with the Reporter in question to acquire some clarity on the alleged scolding. Wills later confirmed that he did indeed approach the Prime Minister for an interview which led to a conversation on journalism.

He admitted that the Prime Minister “expressed some concern” about the lead headline in the Chronicle.


  1. come on Mr. Nagamootoo, the Chronicle is not the Government paper it is the STATE PAPER, the same paper you and your cohorts used to bad talk and cut the budget from you ass. only few months ago you all used to bad talk Chronicle today you ALL own it, where is PRESS FREEDOM and the PRESS ASSOCIATION!!!!!

  2. Nagamootoo is clearly out line in trying to dictate to the reporters on how, what and why they should report as this clearly crossing the line in terms of editorial independence.

    One can most certainly appreciate the need for clarification or correction if he (Nagamootoo), his cohorts or colleagues might have been ‘misquoted’. Retractions and apologies are only extended if and only if there was a case of libel, a bogus story or report or misrepresentation of any material facts.

    It is the standard maxim that any self respecting reporter or editor worth his or her salt will always verify the authenticity of the facts before going to press on any subject or matter of the day.

    It seems that Nagamootoo is reading to much of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’. We do not need any more ‘Big Brother’ to decide what we must read, think, say or do.

  3. Before Nagamootoo mouth off about disappointment he should look in the mirror. His counter offensive reverse psychological pronouncement however does show he is learning fast form the military network around him. Credit goes out to him for being a fast learner… he better do as he is told… the AFC is under scrutiny now….

  4. The govt must not interfere in the operations of the Guyana Chronicle or any other media outlet in the country. Nagamootoo cannot tell the journalists what headline to put in the papers. That is muzzling the press and it should not be allowed, no way, no how.

  5. The government did make a blunder, but not of a magnitude that cost anybody or the state anything. It was a procedural error that will be corrected and I hope this headline prods government to get uts act together going forward.


  7. Government newspaper!!! A blunder was made and that is what was reported on. Full stop!!! The reporter should have told the full story, including how it was resolved. The Guyana Chronicle is a state newspaper, not the Government newspaper. I myself was surprised by the headline, but it also indicates a level freedom of the press. I salute how PM Nagamootoo handled the situation. We are indeed going places…

  8. The Prime Minister And The Local Media:

    Our President and Prime Minister could refuse to speak to the Local or Foreign media, if they so choose.

    However, some Official Media time MUST be allocated for Meeting The Press, for Reporting To The Nation on Official Business.

    No reporter can expect that whenever the PM or President moves around Publicly, he/she MUST answer any questions posed to them.

    They are not celebrities that must respond to, or cater to the PAPARAZZI cameramen and reporters.


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