PI into cocaine laced hammocks commences


By Kizzy Coleman

The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the alleged trafficking of narcotics case against 26-year-old Tiffani Collison of Guyhoc Park, Georgetown, has commenced at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before the Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

Left: Tiffany Collison and the four hammocks laced with 6.742kg of cocaine

The Customer Service Officer (CSO) at DHL Express where Collison allegedly attempted to ship the cocaine laced hammocks was the first to take the stand. She testified that she was approached by the accused who expressed her desire to have four hammocks shipped to the United State (US).

She reportedly told the CSO that the recipient of the hammocks, Keith Brown, who was at the time in Guyana, was being sent the hammocks as a gift.

Collison was told by the CSO that the items would be shipped and that she would receive a call when this is done. However, her documents were requested – her Identification Card (ID), TIN Certificate and a recent proof of address.

The accused reportedly told the Customer Service Officer that all utility bills which would serve as a proof of address were in her mother, Nora Barton’s name.

The Officer testified that she enquired whether Barton would be able to proceed with the transaction and was told no. Collison, however, later agreed to get documents from her mother to have the transaction done.

As such, she was asked to fill out a security form which would allow the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) to inspect the item.

The accused then left to acquire the relevant documents and her item was placed in a transparent bowl. Collison returned later that day with a bank statement from Citizens Bank and an ID card belonging to her mother.

The documents were documented by the Officer, the shipping fee of $35,000 was collected and the accused was told that the item would be shipped.

The item was placed in a box and sealed in the presence of Collison after which she left. The Customer Service Officer testified that the box was sent to another department where it was later inspected by CANU.

The defendant surrendered to Police after a wanted bulletin was issued for her arrest, after CANU discovered that the hammocks were laced with 6.742kg of cocaine. She was later charged and remanded to prison for the offence.

The PI will continue on November 21.


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