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By Jomo Paul

 20151015_111747[] – Women’s Rights advocacy group – Red Thread Guyana – says it is not accepting any of the explanations proffered by the Guyana Government over the increase of salaries to politicians saying the Administration should “reel and come again.”

Among other explanations give, the Minister of State Joseph Harmon had said that the increases being implemented were to discourage the possibly of corruption by Government Officials.

Governance Minister Raphael Trotman later explained that the increases bring a sense of parity between the three arms of Government –judicial, legislative and executive. He also urged that the electorate trust the APNU+AFC administration on the move.

Karen DeSouza
Karen DeSouza

“I am not even contemplating that argument. I am beginning from the position that you cannot come to me and say no no no  we not raising pay then you turn around and raise the pay. Then say you’re not apologizing and try to justify it in all kinds of ways…I am not even taking any of the arguments of justifications on board. They are treating us as contemptuously as previous governments have treated us,” said Karen DeSouza, head of Red Thread Guyana.

She was at the time speaking at a protest outside the Ministry of the Presidency and the Office of the Prime Minister against the salary increases for the Prime Minister, Ministers and other Parliament office holders.

According to DeSouza, respect coming from the government for the population  is “singularly lacking.” The activist says that at a minimum, the government should reverse its decision.

“They need to back off on these increases until the tax people have finished their considerations, until the public service people have completed their considerations,” she said.

20151015_111842DeSouza further stated that the government  should to go back to the drawing board and come up with a strategic plan on how public servants are going to be paid a livable wage before increases are paid to politicians.

“I don’t care what Mr Trotman says…why should I trust him when his previous utterance was that we are not raising the pay…what they have to look at is what they are saying public servants should live on.”

“If they cant live on a million dollars how on earth are public servants to live on $50,000…they don’t pay these ridiculous light bills and water bills. So no, they need to reel and come again, they need to retreat, they need to regroup,” she stated.


  1. APNU/AFC is scared that it ministers will steal money and causes corruption, so it fat cats are given big raise in pay.

  2. As a Barbadian with Guyanese connections,I am very disappointed with the performance of this government thus far.This government made promises that it will not be business a usual and the opinions of the public will be respected.
    The contemptuous attitude of Minister Joseph Harmon is not want this government in the infancy stage of governing Guyana needs.He ought to apologize for his uncouth,unwarranted response to the issue at hand.
    I am in in agreement with the leader of Red Thread,no justification whatsoever can given for salary increase that was granted to government minister.
    The APNU-AFC government within the first three months of government has made some serious missteps.

  3. Good luck Red Thread in your fight for justice. These men aren’t going to reverse this decision. They just wanted to get into Office and take from the electorate pockets. They have remove the subsidies for water and light which were applicable to our pensioners. They have also removed the subsidy set aside for school children uniforms ($10,000.00). They have fooled Rice Farmers into thinking they will seek higher returns for their crops. All these factors will have a ripple effect on the population. How can anyone justify a 50% pay increase for these ministers. What have they done in less than five months to deserve this increase???

  4. Guyanese are disgusted by their rulers. They are not listened to or respected. These dumb asses are bent on having their own way at the expense of Guyanese and it appears that nothing will change their minds. Since when “trust me” is a justification for enriching one’s self? Why dont the dictators “trust” public servants and give them a significant pay increase? This is the good life promised by Ranger. How stupid were Guyanese to believe that fraudster.


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