Pastor ‘caught with schoolgirl’ remanded on rape charge


The pastor who was caught in a compromising position with an underage schoolgirl last weekend made his first court appearance today where he was slapped with a rape charge.

Pastor Hannibal
Pastor Andrew Hannibal

Prince Andrew Hannibal of lot 13 Railway Line, Rosignol, West Bank Berbice was not required to plea to the indictable charge.
The ‘man of cloth’ who is in his mid forties has been remanded to prison until February 16.
Meanwhile, the minor with whom he was caught is said to be receiving counselling from welfare officers attached to the social protection ministry.

INews first broke the story Monday when we reported that “a Pastor from Rosignol, West Bank Berbice has found himself in hot water after allegedly being caught in an ‘unacceptable position’ with an underage schoolgirl”.

INews was also informed that Hannibals’ name was submitted as the candidate seeking election to the Council of Zeelust/Rosignol for constituency number eight (8) in the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) on behalf of the A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC).



  1. This brother is the real Guyanese “German Shepard”, I bet u granger will free the man for Christmas, lol Is a minor crime he na kill he na rob he just slip he c**k in. Go brudda go brudda.

  2. How many like this IMPOSTER walking freely around and have done similar crimes,he should be hanged if found guilty,Thats another story, to my friend Dumbkee /DK I never support any form of crime, unlike you unfortunately who can only blog on topics that you are told to blog on he is a little different from the socall pandit on the east coast that rape them little boys, the low life in Florida that you are defending is nothing strange,look at the fool TP junior that extolled his true self in public and disrespected the police officer he like many of you will SELF DISTRUCT, The criminals come in all forms some BIG,small,and some hide behind,again DK you LOOSE

  3. Let the truth be known its wrong to Judge let the law deal with this and if he is guilty so help me God

  4. Flaco, you are a fool, what does a person’s political preference has to do with the crime he commit. Ah yu chamar a drink grammaxon meant for plants. Apparently this is the first time yu ah hear about rape in 23 years. You should drink some, the other day 3 ah yu matti butcher people and bun down house.

  5. It’s a shame, a man who was supposed to be for God, has betrayed his own teaching. Now he shall face the wrath of his action

  6. Pastor ‘caught with schoolgirl’ remanded on rape charge.

    Prince Andrew Cannibal is my brother and e is innocent of all chrages.
    He was giving the child the rod of correction so no big deal.
    Yall leff me poor brother alone yeh
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  7. He get caught, you know how many pedophiles come home from the USA during Mash and Christmas and have sex with little girls? He get caught, he not alone, nuff more in high places.


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