“Pan on de Wall” …Steel Band concerts among activities for Jubilee celebration


Pan on de Wall” which features concerts simultaneously occurring at two spots, on the seawall is one of the many activities that have been planned to include steel band music into the Jubilee celebration, according to Music Development Officer and Administrator of National Music School, Andrew Tyndall.

Tyndall said the two locations are the bandstand and the 1863 monument, and the concerts will be held from May 19-21. He explained that the first major steel pan music event was held on April 23, a signal steel band concert at the National Cultural Centre.

“Of course when you go to the National Cultural Centre it is exclusive, and some people feel that they are excluded from that activity,” Tyndall explained, hence the idea for the Pan on de Wall to bring the music to the people, he said.

The Buxton Pride Steel Orchestra performing at a recent event
The Buxton Pride Steel Orchestra performing at a recent event

According to Tyndall, Pan on de Wall provides the opportunity for the public to attend the music session with no restriction, no dress code. “You can come out and have your food right here, things which you would not be able to do at the National Cultural Centre,” he pointed out.

According to GINA, the event features six of the top steel pans in Guyana; the Buxton Pride Steel Orchestra, North Ruimveldt Multilateral School band, the Guyana Police Force Steel band, the Guyana Defence Force Steel Band, the Parkside Steel Orchestra and the National Steel Orchestra.

According to Tyndall, the groups will be presenting a diverse repertoire of music, including classical, reggae, calypso, jazz, chutney, and fusion, and at both locations on the seawall.



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