Opposition prepared to seek int’l sanctions against Govt officials


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has warned that his party is prepared to go to the next stage of seeking sanctions from the international community against individuals in the coalition Government, if necessary, to force President David Granger to obey the Constitution.

“The  next stage we’ll move, is to seek sanctions against individuals, so that they comply with the Constitution. And we will continue the protests until he names an early election date,” Jagdeo said on Tuesday during an interview on radio programme, “The Hot Seat”.

“We view it as a tragedy every time we have to protest to get people who took an oath, to uphold the Constitution. It is a tragedy for Guyana. It is a problem for our country when we have to force people to respect the Constitution and the ruling of the court. We don’t do it with excitement, but because it’s necessary. Someone has to stand up for the Constitution.”

With President David Granger slated to address the nation tonight on elections, Jagdeo made it clear that a date should be no later than February.

“We believe he should name one in February. We won’t be happy with it, but at least the country knows there is an end to this.”