Only APNU/AFC diehards believe Granger won elections – Mustapha


Executive Member of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Zulfikar Mustapha has asserted that only APNU/AFC diehards truly believe that the coalition has won the elections.

According to him, every other right-thinking individuals or organisations know that the coalition was defeated at the March 2 polls.

“The reality is APNU/AFC is in a corner, they are the only people saying they won the elections. The entire world, the United Nations, CARICOM, Commonwealth, the OAS, the entire world, are saying the PPP/C won the elections,” Mustapha said.

He was at the time speaking during the ‘government in transition’ programme.

According to Mustapha, APNU/AFC has been consistent at being inconsistent.

He noted that the coalition has consistently changed their narrative to appeal to their support base.

“After the elections, we heard Granger say that he won the elections when everyone knew the PPP/C won. We had the recount and he said the CARICOM Report would be the deciding factor. After CARICOM brought out its Report, he changed tune again. Then they said they want to nullify the elections,” Mustapha observed.

The recount results show that the PPP/C has won the elections with 233,336 votes.

After submitting several elections reports with fraudulent figures, Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield has now been given a final chance to do the right thing and submit a report using the certified recount numbers.