‘‘One Guyana’’ train will move us forward – Pres Ali


As the Cooperative Republic of Guyana celebrate 56 years since it gained independence from British rule, the Dr Irfaan Ali-led People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government is committed to fostering the development and ensuring the prosperity of the country and its people under the ‘One Guyana’ flagship.

This is according to President Ali in his Independence Day Message that was delivered at a grand ceremony at Damon Square in Anna Regina, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam). He posited that Guyana is on a forward-looking trajectory, and will not be dissuaded from moving toward a united way under his ‘One Guyana’ initiative.

“The ‘One Guyana’ train will advance forward… We are not going to let any stumbling block derail our path to prosperity and development, derail our path to One Guyana,” the Head of State posited.

The Guyanese Leader noted that his Government has a duty and responsibility to face its people, hence it has been on the ground engaging the people in all 10 regions. This, he pointed out, is reflective of his Government’s commitment to ensuring prosperity is brought to people all across the country.

In fact, to further show his dedication to this policy, President Ali disclosed that, going forward, the independence celebration will be rotated in all the regions every year.

“Tonight we celebrate the unification of us as a people, but, more importantly, we send a strong message that every single region is important, every single region is central to Guyana’s development and our Government’s plan for development,” he stated.

Reflecting on Guyana’s journey towards independence, President Ali noted that all Guyanese must recommit to ensuring that freedom and progress prevail in the country. He outlined that Guyana is firmly on a path to unprecedented growth, which must be measured by the upliftment of its people.

“Every family must rise and enjoy the development that is going to take place. That is what is real growth for this Government: when every family can feel a part of, can be a part of, and can rise…under the growth and development of our country,” he added.
According to the Head of State, his administration had already embarked on this journey of enhancing and building the lives of citizens. Over the past two years, he highlighted, there has been unprecedented progress in all areas – over 11,000 house lots allocated; reduction of burdensome taxes; millions of dollars in cash grants and increased welfare assistance; improved utility services; infrastructure development, among other things.

He argued that the development of the country must bring an improved quality of life for its people, hence his Government has been working on creating jobs and expanding the reach of Guyana to its neighbours, to further open up opportunities.

President Ali noted that all these achievements over the past two years were a result of the hard work of the Cabinet that the Guyanese people elected.

“These are your accomplishments; these are your work, because you had the confidence when you placed us in office to deliver on this. So, this by extension is your accomplishment – the people of Guyana’s accomplishment,” he asserted.

Moreover, the Guyanese Leader reiterated his administration’s commitment to the development and advancement of all the sectors in the country. He added that keen efforts would be placed on protecting Guyana from the impacts of climate change, as well as investing in food security, agriculture, sport, women and the elderly, and in ensuring the safety of vulnerable groups.

“It is these collective investments; it is investments to secure our future on all the diversified fronts; it is investments that will build our economy on a multi-faceted platform standing on different legs that will ensure our country is sustainable and that will secure your future, and that will create new opportunities. It is that environment that we are building,” he posited.

Meanwhile, echoing similar sentiments of advancing Guyana in a cohesive manner, Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton, in his Independence Day Message, has underscored the need for Guyanese to do better, not only in their resolve and resilience to forge ahead relentlessly, but also move beyond lip service and give substance to building racial harmony in Guyana.

“We can and must take tangible steps to eliminate racial discrimination, to guarantee equality of opportunity for all, and to establish healthy inter-ethnic understandings and interactions… We can and must do better as a people to entrench our shared values, strengthen our sense of “One Destiny”, and rejuvenate our national pride. We need to end the existence of Two Guyanas,” he noted.

Norton outlined that the fact that Guyana, as a nation, has travelled this far together is an achievement in itself. He said Guyanese survival speaks not only to their strong spirit and will power, but also to their capacity to keep travelling forward.

“We have arrived at a critical crossroad in our history, where we are required not only to travel forward, but also to travel upward. Upward towards society and an economy in which we can end poverty, lift and expand the middle class, and ensure all citizens can live decently and comfortably. Upward where being classified as one of the world’s richest countries could translate into a better quality of life for the people of Guyana. Let us together climb to a better Guyana,” the Opposition Leader asserted.