Officer acting on a hunch thwarts alleged execution plot


-3 in custody say they were about to kill Corentyne businessman

A Police constable in Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) intercepted a car carrying three men, and later discovered a gun and a stolen motorcycle. Three men are now in police custody, one of them a recently released prison inmate.

During interrogations, the men reportedly revealed that they were on their way to execute a Corentyne businessman. Reports are that one of the men, who was on a motorcycle, was seen acting in a suspicious manner while the constable was returning to the Whim Police Station.

This prompted the constable to follow the motorcyclist as the cyclist drove behind a car. The policeman suspected that something was amiss because the motorcyclist was keeping up with the car but was not attempting to overtake it.

At Albion, the motorcyclist attempted to make a U-turn but collided with the car and fell to the ground.

The stolen motocycle
The stolen motorcycle

After a brief conversation between the motorcyclist and the car driver, the cyclist hopped into the car and they sped away.

Upon seeing this, the lawman called for backup but continued pursuing the vehicle, which turned into Anamayah Street at Williamsburg then stopped.

As the Policeman approached, the driver threw what appeared to be a gun into a nearby trench and attempted to flee, but by then Police backup had arrived and gave pursuit. A .38 revolver was eventually retrieved from the trench.

Divisional Commander Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam told the media that the gun was loaded with four rounds. He said it was also discovered that the motorcycle, which had a false number plate, had been stolen from someone living at Reliance, East Canje on March 5.

“After questioning the (main) suspect, he told us that they had a plan and they were supposed to go and execute it at Rose Hall (Town), where they were supposed to go and (execute someone and conduct a robbery).”

The Commander said his understanding is that a Jamaican had hatched the plan, alleging that the targeted businessman had owed him some money and he had arranged the execution of the businessman.

On receipt of that information, two other persons, including the owner of the firearm, were arrested.

The gun that was recovered
The gun that was recovered

It is believed that they were all participants in the plot to kill the businessman.

“I understand that the Jamaican has left the country, so we are now making checks to see if that is so, and to track his movements in and out of the country,” the Commander revealed.

The Police have since contacted the businessman, a boutique operator at Rose Hall Town.

Amsterdam said that the Policeman who gave in to his suspicion and followed the men is likely to be promoted the next time around.

He noted that a life has been saved, a firearm has been taken off the streets, and a stolen motorcycle has been recovered. (Guyana Times)


  1. Great jod and congrats to the police reank for his bravery and professionalism,let now see the completion of the justice system


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