OAS Corruption team rejects AFC’s Dossier on NDIA, NCN


[www.inewsguyana.com]The team that visited Guyana from the Organisation of American States (OAS) rejected a dossier complied by the Alliance for Change (AFC), after the party tracked them down at the meeting place in Cara Lodge on Thursday afternoon.

This is according to Vice Chairman of the Party, Moses Nagamootoo, who told a news conference that the team refused to accept the dossier since it was not part of the terms of reference for the OAS visiting team.

The OAS delegation is on a visit to Guyana as part of its ongoing Fourth Round Review of the 31 member countries which are signatories to the Inter-American Convention against Corruption.

Given the rejection of the dossier by the team, Nagamootoo said that the AFC plans to lodge an official complaint to the Head Office in Washington.

The dossier compiled by the AFC has to do with alleged corruption at the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority and the National Communications Network.

“On Thursday afternoon we spoke to the team and requested to leave the dossier with him. He said that it was not in their terms of reference to receive political parties and that they were here only to meet with the government and civil society and we had an exchange, we thought that the Organisation of American States ought to broaden its terms of reference to include taking evidence of corruption in Guyana…so we were told that they couldn’t receive it, if we have complaints we should go to the DPP and we left the meeting telling the team that we intend to raise this matter formally with the Organisation of American States’ head office in Washington,” Nagamootoo said.

He made it clear that the AFC did not intrude on the OAS meeting nor were they disrespectful.




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